Head of Department : Asst. Prof. Mehmet Akif ÇİNİ

Erasmus Coordinator : Asst. Prof. Mehmet Akif ÇİNİ

Farabi Coordinator : Asst. Prof. Mehmet Akif ÇİNİ

Mevlana Coordinator : Asst. Prof. Mehmet Akif ÇİNİ

ECTS Coordinator : Asst. Prof. Mehmet Akif ÇİNİ

Bologna Coordinator :

About :

The Department of Accounting and Tax Applications, which was opened in Cihanbeyli Vocational School in the 2002-2003 academic year, still continues its education and training activities. In our department, accounting and tax education is given to our students both in theory and practice by means of specialized academicians.

Vision :

To be a model programme that gives vocational education in terms of transnational and national dimensions raising qualified staff who are prefered in society, who are pioneer in providing collaboration between university, industry and public and who give prior importance on quality.

Mission :

Our mission is to train accounting personnel who are sharing and participatory in accounting field, modern,innovative and who can take advantage of information technologies. In addition, we aim to train accountants who adopt to gain operational principle of the code of ethics, having self-confidence and who can keep the ability of life-long learning. 

Purpose :

Education has a dynamic tem. It represents constant change. Educational institutions and its members have to keep up with this constant change and should have a feeling of apperaing in front of society and their students with up-to-date information. However, there must be suitable conditions for this purpose. It appears that academic staff who can not renovate themselves or who do not have suitable conditions and their students are spending their time in vain. Today, the only way to keep up with technological developments or at least to follow it from a distance is to be informed. When we consider the issue in terms of colleges, it is obvious that there is no adaptation to the technological and technological developments in the training of intermediate manpower. In our country, the inadequacy of qualified education and the weakness of metadata management are major problems. The most important deficiencies in the education carried out today are the lack of laboratory and educational tools and the? Academic? Is weighted. It is necessary to move to practical training as soon as possible. In short, our longing for business and industry should declare their wishes and support their support. We have to accept that the only way to reach our rightful views is to work hard and that we should not intimidate us even if we do not expect the situations we do not expect. The aim of our Accounting and Tax Applications program is to educate the personnel who provide accounting and tax services and meet the needs of accounting and accounting departments and accounting and finance departments of commercial firms. Comprehension of the basic information in accounting, understanding the functions and importance of accounting, the ability to follow the legislation related to the profession, the ability to create accounting records, financial structure analysis and the ability to use financial values ​​in the decision-making process are tried to be prepared. The aim of this course is to recognize the basic concepts and documents related to accounting, to comprehend the principles of balance sheet and income statement from financial statements, to be able to edit financial statements in computer environment, to use accounting programs. To be able to comprehend the place of tax law in the legal system, to be able to comprehend the application of resources, to reveal the basic concepts of taxation and the process of taxation.

Language of Program :

Education language is Turkish.

Definition of Program :

 It is a four semestre high education programme which aims to train qualified manpower who can take responsibility at the accounting service of enterprises and public institutions and after ensuring legal requirements and run a business. Running packaged software ( MIKROCOM,GMS-IMS,ETA,MS OFFICE ), using computer exchanging correspondence in the field of accounting, the ability of keeping books used in business ( daybook, ledger, stock book,self-employment book,minute book,operating ledger) in accordance with legislation of accounting are ss that are aimed to be gained in the programme. Staff that trained in this programme, contributing to the economy of area and country and being more deliberative provide great benefits to the economy of the country with their valid and persevering performance. For this reason, the basic aim of the programme is to train educated, knowledgeable with accounting and tax and experienced personnel. 

Admission and Registration Requirements :

Under the condition that candidates have to have high school diploma or their equivalents, all registration and admission conditions are determined by OSYM( student ion and placement center ). 

Recognition of Previous Education :

Accounting and Tax Applications Program provides two-year associate degree education after high school education.

Graduation Requirements :

Students must complete all compulsory and optional courses successfully and their grade point avarage must be minimum 2.0 over 4.0 to get an associate degree from Accounting and Tax programme 

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

In order for each student to register for the courses at the beginning of the semester and take the final exam, they must attend at least 70% of the courses and at least 80% of the practices. Students are subjected to at least one midterm and final exam for each course. The contribution of the midterm exam (the scores obtained from measurement tools such as homework, laboratory exam, quiz, etc.) to the success grade is 40%, and the contribution of the final exam is 60%. All exams are evaluated out of 100 points. A student who receives one of the letter grades of AA, BA, BB, CB and CC in a course is deemed to have succeeded in that course. DC and DD grades are conditionally successful grades. In order for the student to be successful in a course in which he received a DC or DD grade, his or her GPA must be at least 2.0.

Employment Oppurtunities :

Graduates of Accounting and Tax Applications program can work in accounting and financial consultancy offices, related departments of foreign trade and financial institutions and accounting services of commercial enterprises. They can also work in financial departments of all kinds of organizations. In order to carry out the services, production and activities efficiently in the public and private sector enterprises, the professional personnel who can make application in addition to theoretical knowledge, have accounting legislation and carry out computerized accounting can easily find jobs in the public and private sectors. They can work in accounting offices, accounting departments of enterprises, various units of the Ministry of Finance and especially tax offices. Accounting and tax application professionals have the opportunity to work in tax offices, accounting offices, accounting services of enterprises, workplaces that make accounting programs. The possibility of finding a job in this profession is quite high. Recently, computer package programs have become widespread in the field of accountancy and this ratio is increasing. Therefore, qualified personnel using computerized accounting package programs are needed in the market. Graduates of the program mainly work as Independent Accountants, Certified Public Accountants and Certified Public Accountants. In addition, graduates work in banks, insurance companies and tourism, construction and supermarket businesses as accounting staff. Most graduates find jobs in the market. Most of the students are generally asked to stay in the workplace where they do their internship and they are settled continuously. Graduates of the program start their four-year professional internship if they stake the exam after two years of education with the Law No. 3568 on SM, SMMM and YMM. unable to rise to another level. However, completion of a faculty of four years of training in other legal obligations rather than bringing Turkey Certified Public Accountant and Certified Public Accountant in if they are successful in the examinations by the Union of Chambers "Certified Public Accountant" able to take the title.

Access to Further Studies :

Candidates who have successfully completed their Associate Degree education can study in undergraduate programs, provided that they get a valid grade from the Vertical Transfer exam. These programs are: Business Information Management, Business Informatics, Business-Economics, Logistics Management, Accounting, Accounting and Financial Management, Accounting and Finance Teaching, International Finance, International Business Administration, International Trade, International Trade and Finance, International Trade and Business Administration, Labor Economy and Industrial Relations, Business, Economics, Finance and Public Administration.



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