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Head of Department : Prof. PhD. Emine Nas

Erasmus Coordinator : Prof. PhD. Emine Nas

Farabi Coordinator : Prof. PhD. N. Semen Ersöz Uzar

Mevlana Coordinator : Asst. Prof. PhD. Ş. Müge İBA

ECTS Coordinator : Asst. Prof. PhD. Atilla ŞİRİN

Bologna Coordinator : Asst. Prof. PhD. Ş. Müge İBA - Asst. Prof. PhD.Sertaç GÜNEY

About :

The Department of Handicrafts is innovative and productive, in line with the needs of society and the industry, compatible with the developments required by the day, covering technological innovations related to the field of Handicrafts, recognizing and applying materials and equipment, transforming thought into a functional and artistic model with scientific and aesthetic criteria in the design element, which is the most important stage of production. It is an undergraduate program that trains individuals.

The Department of Handicrafts has been continuing undergraduate education at Selcuk University Since 1992.

Vision :

With its strong technical infrastructure, it strengthens the rich handicraft field with its main and design education, has become an innovative and entrepreneurial position in practice and research, is compatible with the global lifestyle, has competent skills in sectoral issues, contributes to the development of the current potential of our country within the framework of ethical and aesthetic values, and contributes to the social development of our University. To be an institution that supports the formation of new values with a sense of duty.

Mission :

Being able to create methods by catching the analytical thinking dimension of raw materials, products and production in the field of handicrafts, transforming their talents and creative thoughts into concrete forms with original expressions, knowing and adapting the industrial technologies related to their field in the sector, organizing the application stages by transferring technical knowledge, able to organize the product design process rationally. The main duties of our department are to contribute to the field by raising individuals who can manage in an effective way, have high research qualifications, strong scientific perspective and artistic expression.

Purpose :

The main purpose of the program is to reveal the creative power of the students, to develop their intuition, to make them think within the framework of scientific methods including research, application, experimentation, inspection and conclusion processes throughout their education period. By developing a perspective, it is aimed to gain the privilege of being a strong artist in their fields, a designer personality, scientific thinking and production habits.

Language of Program :


Definition of Program :

Handicrafts Department; It is an undergraduate program that classifies knowledge and skills specific to the field within the framework of raw material, technique, production and design factors with its theoretical and applied education and training structure, and is designed to provide opportunities for all students to use their full potential during 8 semesters. Within the scope of the program, traditional craftsmanship, industrial production and digital design methods are applied with an interdisciplinary perspective. In the content of the undergraduate program, which consists of theoretical and applied courses selected from the field of art and design education; basic design elements/principles, motif and ornament design, raw material leather, animal and vegetable fibers, synthetic materials, fabric, metal, soil, plaster etc. Rich theoretical and applied course contents in the fields of product design and production, three-dimensional shaping-modelling, concept design and collection, computer-aided design and art history are carried out.

Theoretical and practical trainings are carried out in 1 classroom, 8 branch workshops, 2 drawing workshops and 1 computer laboratory. Education and training program with its structure that puts the learner forward; It consists of 35 applied and 14 theoretical courses in total. In the department, there are practical and practical content rather than theoretical content that encourages interdisciplinary work and takes into account student wishes, abilities and interests. It is aimed to provide students with skills such as critical thinking, creative thinking and flexible thinking, unlike traditional teaching methods, in practices based on interactive, participatory, stimulating and motivating teaching strategies and active methods and techniques that increase the academic success of students.

Admission and Registration Requirements :

 Craft Design and Production Department will admit pupils with special talent examination. 

Recognition of Previous Education :

Students who come to the program with lateral transfer can be exempted from the courses they have taken before and succeeded by the decision of the Department Board and the Faculty Administrative Board.

Graduation Requirements :

In order to graduate from the Handicrafts USA Undergraduate Program, the student must have succeeded in all the courses in the program, including common compulsory, field and elective courses. Student success is evaluated according to Selcuk University Education and Examination Regulations. At least 240 ECTS credits must be provided for graduation and must be successful in the applied sector internship for which they are responsible in the program.

Assessment and Evaluation Regulations :

The students will be given midterms, final exams and make- up exams for theoretical and practical classes. 

Employment Oppurtunities :

Candidates who graduated from the Handicrafts Undergraduate Program can find the opportunity to work with titles such as trainer, consultant or designer, pattern consultant, art consultant. By completing the Pedagogical Formation Education Certificate Program opened by YÖK, they can teach in the field in Educational Institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. If they wish, they can continue their academic careers by fulfilling the necessary conditions, and they can open their own private workshops without being dependent on any place.

Access to Further Studies :

After successfully completing the undergraduate program, students can receive graduate education in the Handicrafts Thesis Master's Program within the Social Sciences Institute, if they fulfill the necessary requirements.

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