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The Environmental Protection and Control Program aims to educate young, dynamic, cultured, active and researchers who are specialized in the solution of environmental problems that may be present in our country in different regions and in line with the needs of the industrial organizations in our region and which are increasing in recent years, and to meet the need for intermediate staff in this area. Protection of the efficiency of natural resources is defined as working as an assistant to the environmental engineer in arranging the environment in a way that is appropriate to human health and prosperity. Regarding the environmental engineer, our society has the perception that they carry out studies such as environmental regulation and landscape. However, the Environmental Engineer conducts studies on the basis of drinking water, treatment, treatment of wastewater, operation of treatment plants, measurement of water / wastewater / air pollution in the laboratory. In this sense, the ever-increasing industrialization has increased the employment opportunities of the Environmental Technicians.

At the point of employment of our graduates, If they are successful in the KPSS examination, they will be given to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and Provincial Directorates of the Ministry, the Ministry of Health central and provincial organizations, Universities, Municipalities; wastewater, drinking water, air pollution, noise pollution and so on. In companies that are preparing and consulting EIA report in special accredited laboratories that measure in the fields, they learn programs such as AutoCad, WaterCad, StormCad, SewerCad in infrastructure project companies; In the promotion and marketing departments of companies that sell environmental pollution analyzers (HPLC, GC-MS, NMR, etc.), there is a lot of opportunity to find jobs in environmental units in every industrial establishments that make waste / wastewater. In addition to these, if they fulfill their qualifications in the subjects of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, they can easily find jobs in quality units of companies. Our Environmental Technicians who have a very wide working area have the opportunity to make a vertical transition to Environmental Engineering, Chemistry and Biology undergraduate programs with DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam) made by ÖSYM, if they want to continue their career opportunities after 2 years.

To graduate vocational intermediary personnel who are competent in their area with sufficient technical abilities and knowledge. 

The mission of Environmental Protection and Control Program is to educate contemporary environment technicians who are self renewing, good communicating, bearing ethical attitudes and have responsibilities regarding environmental problems, environmental operations and new scientific developments. 

Environment Protection and Control is the Program of the Department of Environment Protection Technologies. Program education period is two years. The program is dedicated to give education about the solution of problems like pollution of air, water and soil that results from industrialization and increasing population. Also program courses cover the practical and theoretical education regarding the sustained usage of natural sources. 

Graduates may be employed in Environment and City Planning Ministry, Forest and Water Affairs Ministry, Health Ministry, Government Water Affairs (DSI), Municipalities, Industry and Trade Ministry, Universities, Hospitals, Environmental Measurements and Analysis Laboratories, Engineering and Consulting Agencies 

In order to graduate from the program, a student should cover departments curriculum of 120 ECTS with prerequisite must and elective courses. The grade point average should be minimum 2,00 over 4,00 and the student should perform 60 days summer practice to graduate. 

Admissions are administered due to nationwide central Higher Education Examination (LYS) scores. Students whose scores are sufficient can be enrolled to the department within certain quota. The administration date and location and required documents are announced by University Rectorship every administration semester. Administration procedures are followed by Students Affairs Office.

Orientation commission of Vocational High School evaluates prior the education of prospective students considering departments curriculum. Orientation commission evaluates the courses that the students will be exempted. 

The successful graduates of the Environment Protection and Control program may attend to the examination (DGS) that is administered by ÖSYM. The successful applicants may pass to under graduate programs: Environmental Engineering, Chemistry and Biology.

The examinations are: 1 Midterm exam (40 % of cumulative GPA) and 1 Final exam (60% of cumulative GPA). In case there are any health problems proved by a medical report, the make-up examination will be applied. The examinations may be oral, practice or written type. In determining the letter grade, the students mid-term and final examination grades are taken into consideration. The coefficients of the letter grades and the score intervals used in the calculation of Grade Point Average are indicated below: Letter Grade Coefficient Score intervals Status AA 4,00 90-l00 Passing BA 3,50 85-89 Passing BB 3,00 80-84 Passing CB 2,50 75-79 Passing CC 2,00 70-74 Passing DC 1,50 65-69 Conditionally Passing DD 1,00 60-64 Conditionally Passing FD 0,50 50-59 Failing FF 0,00 0-49 Failing NA 0,00 * Failing The grade NA is designated by the course instructor to students who have been deemed unsuccessful due to one of the conditions below. The grade NA is processed as FF in the calculation of Grade Point Average. 1) Not qualifying to take the final exam due to failure in fulfilling the attendance requirements. 2) Not qualifying to take the final exam due to failure in fulfilling the provisions regarding course practices. 3) Having taken none of the mid-term and final examinations. Grades which are not included in the Grade Point Average are as follows: a) The grade S (satisfactory) is designated to students who are successful in non-credit courses b) The grade U (unsatisfactory) is designated to students who are not successful in non-credit courses. c) The grade EX (exempt) is designated to students who have been exempted from certain courses in the curriculum. 


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