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The purpose of Tourism Management program is to educate students as managers of modern hotels and restaurants which provide services to meet all kinds of customer needs, according to contemporary tourism understanding. 

To be in top 500 world-class universities and in top 5 at home, to be a world-class faculty which makes science for society, has a high brand awareness in terms of physical, academic and administrative. 

To be an excellence center on tourism, education, research and service to public issues, to be a determiner and a leader faculty on economic, social, cultural and touristic areas in local, regional, national and global level. 

Bachelors degree programme consist of mid-term semester courses.A midterm, a final and a make-up examination are applied in each semester. 30-day internship is required in two and three grades. 

Tourism Management undergraduates work mostly in hotels and tourism sector. Advancement of technology, has led to an increase peoples leisure and transport facilities. These arouses humans desires to sightsee the various regions and countries. People especially from abroad have been traveling with the purpose of sightseeing as well as a variety of people in our country. This rapid increase in the number of tourists in our country has led to a large number of hotels and motels and hospitality has become an area of expertise with specific training. It can be said that developments in the field of tourism will continue in the following years and there will be no problem about finding a job for one well-trained in this area. Your ability and speaking a foreign language allows you to be successful in the job and to progress. A bachelor can be employed at the front desk, housekeeping, kitchen, service, bars, purchasing, marketing and sales, human resources, food and beverage etc. departments as a manager. There are almost no problems of those who have very good knowledge of foreign languages about finding a job. They are able to work in mostly private sector as well as in the public sector like Ministry of Culture and Tourism and its affiliates have the ability to work in. 

To take and succeed, the courses, to complete an internship, be at least a 2.00 grade point average and must complete 240 ECTS. 

The studens which have TM-1 score in the university entrances examinations are accepted. 

The faculty recognizes the high schools and equivalant schools in the two levels systems. 

The undergraduates can can study for master degree and doctorate on tourism and business sciences.

Measurement and evaluation is carried out according to Selcuk University exam regulations. 

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