3d. Dormitories/ Hotel/ Recreational Facilities

In Konya, there are on-campus and off-campus accommodation services. There are dormitory buildings in our university like Atatürk Student Dormitories, located on campus. There are also some public or private dormitories outside the campus.

Recreational facilities within Selçuk University are as follows:

Alâeddin Keykubad Mansion/ Köşkü: It consists of 3 sections as a 600-person large hall, a 100-person private hall, and a 35-person VIP hall. It provides lunch service for academic and administrative staff. Organizations like wedding are also held at the weekends and in evenings. In addition, breakfast and meal organizations are also held.



Beyşehir Anamas Guesthouse: Beyşehir Anamas Guesthouse provides 24-hour service and also wedding organizations are held. The guesthouse has a conference hall for 200 people and 3 small conference halls for 20 people.

Erasmus Konukevi: In Erasmus Guesthouse, Turkish people or international guests can stay. Erasmus Guesthouse, which operates on a 24/7 shift system, consists of 2 blocks with 3 floors, 6 apartments in the 1st block, 24 student rooms, 8 standard apartments, 32 rooms and 12 suites, a total of 14 apartments and 12 suites on all floors. There are rooms. In the 2nd block, there are a total of 42 rooms, 36 standard rooms and 6 family rooms.

Apa Facility: Apa Facility is 75 km away from the city center. The facility has 7 single-storey buildings, 6 of which are used as accommodation purposes and 1 building is used as a meeting and dining hall for 50 people. It has the capacity to hold a picnic for 300-400 people in the camellias and green fields.

Sultan Alparslan Kültür Merkezi : The convention center as two conference halls as 30 Ağustos Hall (with the capacity of 885 people and a scene), Malazgirt Hall (with the capacity of 373 people for discussion and conference purposes) and the center has also a cafeteria.

Equestrian and Equine Facilities: Equestrian Social Facilities provide horse riding, student education, scientific research and licensed horse riding services. In the facility, there are 24 boxing, three maneges.  Breakfast, grill, hot and cold drinks are served in the cafeteria located in the common area with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Equestrian Club. Apart from this, care services are also provided for the horses of the citizens who request it with a fee.

Our university has a sports complex, and there is a football field, basketball court, volleyball court and tennis courts.

  1. Yıl Spor Salonu (75th Year Sports Hall): It is the university sports hall on campus.

Selcuk University 15 Temmuz Stadyumu (15th July Stadium): The stadium, which hosts the matches of Konyaspor, has a capacity of 1,500 spectators, all with seats.

19 Mayıs Spor Salonu (19th May Sports Hall): 19 Mayıs Sports Hall is a sports hall located on the Alaaddin Keykubat campus of Selcuk University. It hosts the home games of the Selçuk University basketball team. The hall is unique among the halls used in TBL (Turkey Basketball League) as it is located within the borders of the university.

Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool: The Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool has the necessary sports environment for a healthy life for people of all ages, and it has an Olympic swimming pool with 10 lanes, fitness, sauna, steam bath and Turkish bath.

Kutalmışoğlu Süleymanşah Sosyal Tesisileri- Social Facilities: Kutalmışoğlu Süleymanşah Social Facilities has an area of ​​4 thousand 500 square meters and it is open 24/7. It also has reading halls and cafeteria where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served every day of the week.

Laboratory Facilities: Faculties and Research Centers of Selcuk University have equipped with modern laboratories. For example, in the Faculty of Agriculture, which has 8 departments, there are various labs such as Entomology, Herbology, Microscopy, Molecular Plant Bacteriology, Molecular Plant Pathology, Virology, Meat and Meat Products Research, Instrumental Analysis, Food Microbiology, Grain, Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Edible and Essential Oil, Internal Combustion Engine, Fuel Analysis, Irrigation And Drainage, Certification And Quality, Certification And Quality, Medicinal And Aromatic Plants, Biotechnology, Plant Analysis, Plant Physiology, Plant Physiology, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology And Genetics, Soil Plant-Fertilizer and Plant Nutrition Research.




Gardens, Greenhouses, Food Units: Within the Faculty of Agriculture, there are Viticulture Research and Application Plot, Fruit Growing Research and Application Plot, Vegetable Cultivation Research and Application Plot, Greenhouses, Food Units where bakery products, fruits, vegetables and dairy products are processed and packaged. There are also Wrappers Research and Application Farm, Agricultural Machinery Application Workshop.

Selcuk University Technology Development Zone (Konya Technocity): Selcuk University Technology Development Zone aims to provide technopark services at international standards to technology companies that carry out R&D activities and especially deal with new and high technologies. Selcuk University Technology Development Zone, which includes 107 companies, is the 3rd Technology Development Zone in Turkey. It is a full member of the International Union of Science Bars IASP, of which 11 Technology Development Zones are also a member. In the Selcuk University Technology Development Zone, priority is given to the establishment of organizations that want to carry out R&D studies in the fields of Information Technology, Agricultural Technologies, Biotechnology, Design Technologies, Environment and Energy Technologies, and Defense Industry.

Merve Mercan Park: Merve Mercan Park was built in the memory of Merve Mercan and the park has wireless, USB charging units and many services for the use of young people with an area of ​​32 thousand square meters. The park has 600 square meters of ornamental pool, 3600 square meters of walking path, 1200 meters of jogging track, 27.000 square meters of grass area, 20 benches, 12 pergolas, 3 wooden bridges, 10 outdoor sports equipment, 3 ornamental pools.

 Bank, PTT (Post Office), Shops: Alaeddin Keykubat Campus is equipped with facilities for our students to benefit from all kinds of banking services. There is a bank and various ATMs on Alaeddin Keykubat Campus. There is a small shopping center named as Gökkuşağı on campus it has many shops such as market, gift shop, stationery, hairdresser, photocopy unit, newsstand, restaurants and cafes. There is also a post office on campus.

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