Selçuk University Beyşehir Ali Akkanat Faculty of Business was established in the Beyşehir district of Konya, with the great support of businessmen Ali and Kamil AKKANAT, who contributed greatly to education, with the decision published in the official newspaper No. 27680 on 22 August 2010. Our faculty started undergraduate education in 2011-2012 academic year. The founding Dean of our faculty is Prof.Dr. Hasan Kürşat GÜLES. In our faculty, three departments, namely Management Information Systems, International Trade and Management, and Business Administration departments, actively teach.

The number of students reached 697 in total with record participation in our faculty in the 2020-21 academic year. Our graduates, Informatics, Computer, Software, Web design, Foreign trade, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Human resources, Management, Accounting, R&D etc. They can continue their careers in many fields in the private sector, as well as take part in public institutions with various positions with public personnel exams. With its computer lab, library, classrooms and rich campus facilities, Selçuk University Beyşehir Ali Akkanat Faculty of Business is assertive in education with its strong academic staff and has all the necessary equipment for our students to receive education in safe and peaceful conditions.



Our values ​​guiding our work and the formation of our faculty's corporate identity are as follows:
1. Our Corporate and Managerial Values
- Combining management and values: Zero tolerance in putting into practice our values ​​that we have determined and internalized in the long term,
- Competition and High Performance in Education: To provide corporate reflexes in order to survive the competition in education and to exhibit a high performance in order to create value, firstly preferred in the national area and then to create an international brand.
 2. Our Faculty's Educational Values
- Perfection:
To develop a philosophy of understanding and application areas that will take place at the forefront of education, starting from today and increasing in the future, depending on our staff wealth;
- Transition from Local to Global:
To make the difference that will make Beyşehir district successful in terms of local, national and international representation in education
-To make the requirements of international competition
- Academic and Student Focus
- To adopt a hybrid approach in educational activities that can satisfy both academicians and students,
- To be able to stay up-to-date and analytical - To educate students who are equipped with the foreign language and current developments required by science, and to provide a thinking system that thinks and questions analytically in their society,
3.Our Working Values
To provide autonomy in scientific and administrative affairs and to carry out interdisciplinary studies, to work in coordination with other units in the campus area to encourage studies that will take our faculty forward in terms of spatial richness and scientific success.
4. Our Ethical and Social Responsibility Values
- For our academic and administrative staff and students, to create a working and management understanding that prioritizes respect, justice, accountability, and individually, to create a high corporate culture in the dimensions of courage, honesty, grace and trust.
- To develop awareness in our employees that support local development, which is sensitive to social developments and adopt national sensitivities.
5. Our Entrepreneurship Values
- Competing and Hurrying in Goodness and Goodness
To train employees and individuals who care for charity and goodness in local and then national issues and to gain gains from these activities by carrying out activities on these issues,
- Encouraging entrepreneurship on the basis of academic projects: TÜBİTAK etc. To be able to carry out R&D studies in coordination with the private sector by encouraging applying to projects opened by institutions

Vision: SU Beyşehir Ali Akkanat Faculty of Business aims to combine "Tradition with the Future" by achieving its national and international recognition with scientific researches and catching up with contemporary developments in education. Thus, by ensuring that students have grown to be a professional manager with the target, will be contributing to science and social development in Turkey.

Mission: To ensure the realization of scientific research, publications and activities in accordance with international standards by the faculty members of Selcuk University Beyşehir Ali Akkanat Faculty of Business Administration. It is aimed to educate students who are loyal to the basic principles of the Republic of Turkey, have national and moral values, can use knowledge in the service of society, have adopted scientific research and development as a lifestyle, and have the ability to think critically. Our most basic mission is to increase the success of our university by making our institution one of the institutions that are taken as an example at the national and international level with both academic and learning activities.

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