Kulu Ankaraya 110 km, Konya 148 km. Away. E-90 (E-5) highway passes from our district located on Ankara-Konya paved road. Transportation to the district is done by highway. Education in 1996 started in Kulu, Konya province without a high school, and still continues to serve in the construction completed in 2001. Kulu Vocational School has Computer Technologies, Electricity and Energy and Foreign Trade Programs. High school 2017-2018 Education and training year, 430 students, 11 academic, 4 administrative, 12 contracts with a total of 27 staff training-teaching continues. Our high school, which has the aim of producing high quality vocational training, responsible, productive and competent intermediate staff, which our country needs, 2 years education and training are carried out practically in other programs except for foreign trade program. For this purpose, laboratories with physical and technological capacities for each program have been established in the College. Students from our 3 computer laboratories are practicing. All computers are available for student use via internet connection. There is a library-reading room and our students can also benefit from the central library in Aladdin Keykubat campus. Students also have the opportunity to play cafeteria, cafeteria, social activities, football, basketball and volleyball. After graduating from our school, our students making the transition to the vertical distance education faculties and universities in different parts of Turkey can complete the four-year undergraduate education ....

Mission :

Human-centered, social responsibility-conscious, knowledgeable, knowledgeable and knowledgeable, who have adopted the core values of the Republic, who are sensitive to national and international issues, have a researcher perspective, are entrepreneurial, innovative, able to use foreign languages, have access to information, learned to use and transfer knowledge, to educate individuals who are able to provide university / industry / society business cooperation by using contemporary and developing education and methods, who respect human rights and freedoms and who have the duty to observe the sustainability of the quality system ....

Vision :

To be a vocational college that is able to respond to the expectations of the society and professional business life, to use its knowledge and skills through qualified researches and methods, to be innovative, pioneer human-focused, continuous improvement and continuous improvement culture and preferred by students at the same time. 

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