About :

Aquaculture Research and Application Center was founded in 2006. The aim of the establishment of the center is to determine the ecological characteristics of many water resources in the Konya Region and to contribute to the economy of the region without damaging the environment by cultivating and growing the species of economic importance in these resources. From the date of establishment of the center, aquaculture is examined ecologically and economically and the data obtained is shared with the necessary institutions and organizations. The studies are presented to the interested parties at conferences, workshops and meetings. In the areas where the study is carried out, the necessary information is given to the people of the region about the economic importance of aquaculture and methods of growing. Information is shared with students coming from or outside the university at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. In 2012, a fully equipped five-passenger motor boat was purchased for the center. With this boat, the studies on wetlands in the Konya region and nearby provinces will be able to participate more strongly in multi-partner projects that will accelerate with the help of technical equipment. In this regard, preliminary meetings were held with the leading universities of our country to make joint studies, and the decision to conduct studies on wetlands in our country as a common platform as a common platform was decided in the workshop dated February 24-25, 2013. Preliminary researches are continuing on the proper aquaculture and other aquaculture of the Research Center planned for our region. After the completion of these studies, it will be provided to start the production of suitable varieties and consultancy services to the enterprises dealing with culture.

Mission :

By following the developments in the field of aquaculture, applying these developments in the water resources of our region and encouraging the production of species that will contribute to the economic life of the people of the region. With this economic return, it is aimed to convey the necessary information about the use of water resources of the region without affecting the ecological life.

Vision :

To follow the studies made in the field of aquaculture in our country and in the world and to apply these studies in our university and in our region. In addition, by transferring the results obtained from the practices to the people of the region, to ensure coordination with the university and to increase the economic return to the upper levels.

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