Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I register my course? 

The first semester course registrations of newly registered students are made automatically. Students are required to have their advisor approved the course registrations for the other semesters, by depositing the student contribution fee, by registering on the website of our University, within the date ranges specified in the Academic Calendar. 

  When do I have to apply for a registration freeze? 

In order to freeze registration, you must apply to the Vocational School Directorate with a justified petition and documents.  

  Can I take the Single Course exam?

Single Course exam; Only students with one remaining course to graduate can enter.

A single course exam is held twice a year (Fall - Spring Semester) at the end of each semester.  

The exam date is announced on the website of our Vocational School.

  Can someone else get my diploma? 

Anyone to whom you give power of attorney can take your diploma. (You must also provide your student ID.)

  All questions about the Distance Education System. Frequently asked questions by students.. How can I enter? etc....

System Login Steps have been published in the Uzem Student Guide. Click

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  How can I enroll in Vocational School?

Candidates who are entitled to enroll in our Vocational School make their applications on the announced dates via e-Government or by personally applying to our Vocational School.

   I made an e-registration. Do I need to do anything else to register?

You have to register from e-Government, take a printout of your registration document, and submit the documents requested by our Vocational School for registration by mail or by hand, by the date specified in the registration process. 

  How Can I Learn My Student Number?

You can find out your student number  by CLICKING HERE and  typing your TR Identity Number. 

  How are course exemptions made?

Course substitutions are made within the specified date range within the framework of the regulations.

For the evaluation of the course substitution, an application is made with the transcript attached to the " Course Exemption " petition and the course content of the course to be counted.

  How can I find out whether I have graduated from our Vocational School and whether my diploma has been prepared?

If you successfully complete all the courses you have studied during your student period, you are entitled to graduate.

  Regarding the status of your diploma, if you have your name in the link of your department on the web page of  our Vocational School   Graduates , your diploma has been prepared.

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