Our Vocational School was opened in 1992 with the Map and Cadastre Program and started its education activities in the same year in the building in the town center allocated by Hadim Municipality. In 2001, it moved to its own building with a 5-storey 6,000 m² indoor area within a 35,975.96 m² campus area. In 2012, 10,416.10 m² of the campus area was allocated to the Credit and Hostels Institution for the construction of dormitories for boys and girls. As of 2012, our School, which has an area of ​​25,559.86 m², has a 5-storey service building on the campus area, as well as a multi-purpose indoor sports hall and outdoor sports complex in accordance with international standards. In our service building, there are 20 classrooms, 2 conference halls, 2 drawing rooms, 4 laboratories, 1 library, kitchen, dining hall and canteen, as well as facilities to meet all kinds of educational and social needs of our students.

In our Vocational School, which started education with the Map Cadastre Program, Beekeeping and Viticulture Programs were opened in 1993, Machinery Painting Construction Program in 1995, Foreign Trade Program in 2005, Banking and Insurance Program in 2014 and finally Office Management and Executive Assistant Program in 2017. . In our Vocational School, education continues with Map and Cadastre, Banking and Insurance, Office Management and Executive Assistant Programs as of now.

Mission :

To educate students who contribute to the social and economic development of the country by presenting the results of learning supported by academic, scientific and technological research for the benefit of society, To provide support to the academic staff who will follow scientific developments and innovations with all the facilities of the university, Our main goal is to establish a culture of tolerance, participation and democracy in students through representation and collective work activities that yield highly effective results in terms of the use of rights and freedoms by trying to ensure and protect the autonomy and freedom in the working environment, research, production, publication and consultancy services are analytical, questioning, to apply with contemporary and universal education and training criteria.

Vision :

Thanks to the programs affiliated to the technical and social departments it provides training, the knowledge, equipment and equipment required by the globalizing world conditions and the age, and the intermediate manpower in the sectors, nationally and internationally respected and preferred, leading change and innovation, having competitive power, proud to be a member. To be a leading educational institution.

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