Quality management system

Our quality policy;

The quality policy of the S.U. Vocational School of Health Services; To be a leading institution in international standards with its active stakeholders in the field of education, training and research, which is constantly developing within the framework of the quality management system. In line with the vision and mission of the Vocational School of Health Services, the following basic values and policies have been established:

  1. To ensure that our students and other stakeholders are at the center of all our activities,
  2. To ensure that students' transferable and behavioral skills are developed as well as their professional qualifications,
  3. To create a link between education and practice in cooperation with the business world and society,
  4. To use technological tools in education that improve learning ability, increase productivity and encourage creativity,
  5. Raising democratic, enlightened young people who constantly learn to learn, ask, question, research, produce solutions rather than problems, have developed social skills, are self-confident, can make the right decisions, are rational, creative, productive, respectful of human rights, open to universal values, sensitive to society and social problems.
  6. To provide contemporary education of international quality, which is far from rote learning within the framework of Atatürk's principles and revolutions, where only reason and science are valid, and which teaches to reach the truth by questioning, researching and discussing.
  7. To reach a creative and participatory university environment where knowledge is accessed, knowledge is used and knowledge is produced in a free environment open to all kinds of thoughts and where the mind is dominant.
  8. To ensure continuous improvement and development in education, training, research and practice.
  9. Supporting local and national economic development through applied R&D studies and consultancy services
  10. To ensure the continuous development of the knowledge and skills of the workforce through continuing education programs,
  11. To take a leading role in science, culture and artistic activities in the region,
  12. To value student, academic and administrative staff mobility, exchange and international relations in higher education and to take necessary activities for this,
  13. To ensure the participation of students and other stakeholders in the management,
  14. To create a strong, self-sufficient and sustainable financial structure,
  15. Establishing quality assurance mechanisms for all activities and applications,
  16. To integrate with the society by protecting national and universal cultural values.
  17. To reach a happy society consisting of happy individuals with a “People First” oriented approach.



To contribute to the 2023 vision, in the sub-discipline of training auxiliary personnel of the main field of health; To train a health auxiliary workforce within the framework of the country's needs by using effective education and training methods.


To create the most efficient teaching staff in the field,
To bring the best of the students who will choose SHMYO in the country to our School and to ensure that they graduate successfully,
To adopt institutional quality management to its personnel,
Establishing modern and state-of-the-art student practice laboratories, opening units and departments in line with the targets specified in the Ministry of Health's 2023 Vision of Human Resources in Health,
To activate research potential.


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