About :

Selcuk Univercity Unimpeded Life Unit was established in 20.06.2009 within our Univercity
in accordance with the the law 5378 ‘ The change of handicapped and some decree law’
promulgated in the official gazette 26204 on 20.02.2006, and 8th article of ‘ Regulations on the
Solidarity and Coordination of the Handicappers in the Institutions of Higher Education ‘…

Mission :

It is to determine the needs and the difficulties of the students with disabilities during
their education life, support their needs and resolve these difficulties and also enhance ,present and
avaluate to raise the awareness and sensivity of the personnels and other students about the needs
of phsical , academic and social supports of the disabled students.

Vision :

It is to offer an equal education facilities by providing a barrier-free living to all of
handicapped students in our univercity