About :

Selçuk University recognizes that educational institutions play a vital role in the process of "International Understanding and Cooperation". For this reason, Selcuk University is committed to providing its students with international influence, a variety of education opportunities and is constantly striving to increase international participation. Selçuk University is aware of the fact that it contributes to the extension of the programs and the increase of the number of international projects. The main objective is to increase the quantity and quality of students and staff participating in international projects.

Mission :

In order to achieve the goal of being among the top 500 of our university: Developing a contemporary, innovative and sustainable internationalization concept, ensuring efficiency in the mobility of our students and staff, supporting the dissemination of the Bologna process in our university, increasing the number and quality of joint activities with universities and organizations in Europe.

Vision :

The Erasmus Coordinatorship of Selçuk University, which adopts the principle of continuous renewal and quality culture, aims to take place within the European Higher Education field with a competitive university structure.