About :



             protection and security directorate Selcuk University members of life and property safety and social facilities building campuses Roads Parks and gardens to protect all kinds of vehicle materials and equipment protection and security services to determine the principles and procedures regarding the 2547 and 5188 based on the laws of Selcuk University and its affiliated units To ensure the protection and security of the 24-hour basis to ensure the control of sabotage robbery fire and preventive actions to be taken in order to prevent possible devastating activities covers the work to be done to warn the authorities immediately.


Mission :



            mission selcuk university protection and security directorate in the field of students to prevent the education of employees forcibly detained employees sabotage fire theft and security against all kinds of threats and hazards to ensure the security of the campus in order to prevent crimes committed to ensure the continuation of education and training

Vision :



          Vision to be a world university that meets the tradition of the future of the university In line with the principle of technological developments and innovations in the campus by making use of security services to ensure the fast and safe and consistent way to ensure student staff and graduates satisfaction respect human rights quality and technological security services to provide exemplary protection and security directorate