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ABOUT: Our faculty was established on July 20, 1982 with the Decree Law No. 41 on the Organization of Higher Education Institutions and started education in the academic year of 1983-1984. The teaching activity started in a small building in the center of Konya and then continued in the campus campus. Since 2002 he has been teaching at the building. The founding dean of our faculty is Prof.Dr.Burhan GÜRDOĞAN. The Faculty has two departments: Public Law and Private Law. Our faculty has graduated 11486 graduates at the end of 2017-2018 academic year. The mission of our organization, within the framework of the legislation, the social state of law which is linked to the fundamental values ​​of the Republic of Turkey, with a high sense of justice, the new generation will contribute to the culture of our country, aims to educate law. Under the light of the rule of law and the rule of law and respect for human rights, the Faculty of Law has been active in the name of educating lawyers. The success of our graduates in the Judicial and Prosecutor's Office examinations of the Ministry of Justice has always been at a high level. As a matter of fact, the graduates of our faculty took second place in the examinations held in 2011. 76 of the 500 candidates who passed the exam in 2012 were graduated from Selçuk University Faculty of Law. This success has been the rightful pride of both the administration and faculty members of our faculty as well as the graduates engaged in professional activities such as judges, prosecutors, lawyers and notaries. Our organization exhibited a leading example in its field with the idea of ​​supporting participation. In this context, in 2010, TÜSİAD organized the best Best Young Lawyer Award in the field of Tax Law Selcuk University Faculty of Law 3rd year student 

İsmet YURTERİ. Again, traditionally organized by the Çağa Law Foundation, Selcuk University faculty member Yrd.Doç.Dr. Ümit Süleyman ÜSTÜN Çağa Law was awarded with the first prize for his work on Tax Audit and Tax Law. As a faculty that encourages its students to develop in a multi-faceted way, it is supported by practical studies and the related theoretical knowledge is carried out with a wide participation in the fictional hearing hall within the institution. With the consciousness of a contemporary Law Faculty, it is held every year to host many conferences and panels that are respected and accepted by the national community. Our library is the first address for faculty students, researchers and guest lecturers coming to our faculty with a collection of approximately 15.000 books and 42 periodicals. We believe that our faculty, which has become a symbol of strong education and strong education, can look to the future more safely with this past.

Mission :


MISSION: To provide education and training services in the field of law education at undergraduate and graduate levels. To train qualified personnel who will serve the field and which are needed by official institutions and civil society. To produce qualified knowledge that will raise the awareness of legal education of the society through research studies. To cooperate with professional organizations, to carry out joint studies in the field, To share the produced qualified knowledge and qualified manpower with the society ....

Vision :
VISION: By creating the necessary infrastructure for educating qualified lawyers and practitioners in the field, by presenting the latest technical equipment and the highest quality materials to the service of our academic staff and students, it can make significant contributions to the enlightenment of the society and the scientific world, integrating its knowledge with its ability, repetition, and repetition. is to be a science slot for the future of the generations who have adopted our mission and announced to our nation and the whole world through the various scientific activities of the works and researches put forward by academicians and practitioners working, researching, thinking and producing with the aim of continuous progress and development. Our most important goal is to train lawyers who respect the human rights and the values ​​of society and assimilate contemporary values