Head of Department : Prof. Ümit Süleyman Üstün

Erasmus Coordinator : Dr. Lecturer Mehmet Akçaal

Farabi Coordinator : Associate Prof. Ayşe Arat

Mevlana Coordinator : Dr. Lecturer Mehmet Akçaal

ECTS Coordinator : Dr. Lecturer Sinan Sami Akkurt

Bologna Coordinator :

Vision :

Our vision is being faculty will be gained the graduates and academics who respecting the rule of law and fundamental rights and freedoms, being at the forefront in the formation and implementation of the law and can take an active role in national and regional developments and aware of the importance of graduate education in terms of our country and personal development and having social responsibility consciousness, equipped and carrying their success in national field to international platform and have the ability to transfer theoretical knowledge to practical life quickly and accurately.

Mission :

Our mission is educate qualified jurists who having a good national law education, know the society in which they live and can meet their legal needs, contribute to the development of the legal culture and understanding of justice and determined to defend the rule of law and fundamental freedoms.  They can also related to the problems of the country and the region and acting an active role in the implementation, open to competition, directing to legal developments.

Purpose :

The aim of our department is to train qualified jurists who are able to undertake duties in various fields at home or abroad  by give them theoretical and practical training and by supporting with extracurricular scientific studies such as national and international seminars, conferences, panels and projects, within the framework of contemporary law education principles.

Language of Program :


Definition of Program :
Public law is the field of law that regulates the relations between the state and its citizens or the state's own institutions.
Public Law includes:
Constitutional Law
Administrative Law
Penal and Penal Procedure Law
Philosophy and Sociology of Law
General Public Law
International Law
Financial Law
History of Law

Admission and Registration Requirements :

The terms of reference for high school students who graduate from Equal Weight areas in Turkey to get enough points on the university entrance examination and high school diploma or equivalent is to have. Foreign students who have graduated from a school equivalent to Turkish high schools and who meet the application requirements may apply to the Law Undergraduate program of our university. Foreign students will be accepted by the Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM).

Graduation Requirements :

Successful completion of all courses in the program (equivalent to 240 ECTS in total) and providing at least 2.0 weighted GPA over 4.00.

Employment Oppurtunities :

Job opportunities for graduates of the Faculty of Law are quite wide. Graduates of the faculty can easily find jobs in all levels of public or private sector provided that they are successful in the competition exams and fulfill certain requirements (such as internship) for the performance of the profession. Faculty of Law graduates can be district governor, judicial judges-prosecutors, administrative judges, undersecretaries, lawyers, notary public, inspectorate (bank-ministry ... etc), assistant experts (legal).

Access to Further Studies :

Graduates of the law faculty who have completed their four-year undergraduate education can continue their graduate education if they wish and if they meet the necessary conditions. Candidates who are sought for graduate programs according to their undergraduate success level, ALES, foreign language knowledge level and other characteristics features which are announced of the programs are evaluated and accepted. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree in Law Faculty and obtain a standard score from ALES. In case the undergraduate education is completed abroad, the certificate of equivalence issued by the Council of Higher Education is required. In addition to the undergraduate graduation certificate and ALES result document, the applicants must have a certificate indicating the foreign language scores obtained from one of the YDS, YÖKDİL or equivalent exams determined by Interuniversity Board. Other conditions shall be determined and announced by the Administrative Boards of the Institute.