About :

It has been established in replace of two units after the termination of the Press Counseling and Coordinatorship of Public Relations in 2009. The aim is to coordinate the communication of Selçuk University with both national and local media, to conduct both institutional and non-institutional social responsibility projects of the Rectorate, to regularly publish  the institutional Selçuk Bakış Magazine, to enable the university to communicate effectively with other institutions and organizations in the city, to bring the university together with the dynamics of both the country and the city and to carry out all kinds of activities for the creation of corporate identity and perception.

Mission :

We aim Selçuk University to be among the top 500 universities of the World, focusing on both institutional and non-institutional aspects. In our society, social, cultural, educational and scientific development can be planned to raise awareness and make a difference about our university and with good intentions in this regard, organizations can be conducted to make the unity of the community and the university more effective.

Vision :

The aim is to make the best possible use of social, cultural, educational and scientific activities in order to realize all kinds of communicational organization activities of Selçuk University.