About :

ABOUT: Selcuk University Student Communities has started to work as Student Communities Coordinator since 27 January 2016. As of today, the number of communities is 109. Selcuk University, with the idea of ​​"being social without being scientific", by establishing various communities in artistic, cultural, scientific and sporting fields, introduced and continues to promote our university in every field in the best way. With these communities, students have the opportunity to develop and exchange ideas in areas of interest. Concerts, interviews, conferences, exhibitions, etc. organized by the communities within our University. they have the opportunity to get to know many artists, journalists, writers and politicians who have important places in their fields. We are waiting for you with your creativity, energy and new ideas in our society where professional success alone is not enough and social skills come to the fore. ...

Mission :
To represent the institutional identity of our University and our students in the best way, to take an active role in the promotion activities of our University and to organize and carry out scientific, social, cultural and sporting activities befitting our University.

Vision :
Subject to the contemporary education approach, in line with the aims of the establishment of the University in support of all students studying at our university, to ensure the continuation of the University's student-oriented policy.