About :

Selcuk University Rectorate Department of Turkish Language was established in accordance with the law of YÖK to conduct the compulsory Turkish Language I, Turkish Language II / Turkish I: Written Expression, Turkish II: Oral Expression courses taught at our University's Faculties, Colleges and Vocational Schools. The Turkish Language Department is obliged to distribute the duties of the instructors who will teach the Turkish Language courses, to determine the books to be taught in the course, and to prepare books if necessary. Apart from these basic duties, our department chairman provides panels, conferences, seminars, etc. It also performs scientific, cultural and social tasks such as conducting activities and organizing various competitions among students.

Mission :

Our mission is to use the Turkish language correctly and properly, to express himself comfortably in written and verbal form, to have obtained the necessary information about language and culture, to have acquired knowledge and experience in subjects such as petitions, reports, scientific studies that are necessary in all areas of life, thinking, discussing, To raise individuals who produce original ideas and have full self-confidence.

Vision :

To raise individuals who use their mother tongue correctly, who can express themselves easily, who have gained the awareness of reading, who seek solutions to problems with sufficient knowledge of language and culture, and who understand the importance of knowledge.