Universities are institutions that contribute to the development and prosperity of existence and humanity. They have taken their place in the development of the country, the world and mankind, and are obliged to be the cradle of education and training to undertake, meet and teach their duties.

Universities which are the last stage of education and training; can not be seen as separate, independent and contrary institutions apart from society, their culture, beliefs and values. They are also obliged to teach universalism, tolerance, respect for national and spiritual values as the essential element of science and development. They include social workers, businessmen and artists; It is the task of these educational institutions to educate the nation, the country and the people with the power to best meet their needs.

Selçuk University is a higher education institution in the efforts of educating "intellectual" individuals who are respectful to their national and moral values and whose content is over forty years in the future of the country in the Selçuklu Civilization Capital.

"To educate individuals who are based on scientific thought, who are institutionalized, who are entrepreneurial and innovative with their breakthroughs, who are aware of social responsibilities and environmentally conscious and who are aware of it as a fair and trustworthy university, carry out research with a focus on sustainable development and constantly observe the benefit of society in all its services" .

Without sacrificing national and spiritual values as heritage of a civilization, will not compromise to pursue the goal of becoming a "brand university" around the world, where sustainability has not adopted every field. Focusing on the goal of quality, our culture, which does not allow our culture and our values to be corrupted, the development of individuals who do not see the same as contradictory to the beliefs of the society, change, develop and pursue contemporaneity will continue to be our basic principles.

It can absorb thousands of years of historical and cultural heritage, reflect the power it has received from its past; we have the basic priority of bringing together leading individuals who have scientific equipments, who are fond of freedom and who can collaborate.

With over forty years of experience gained international competitiveness in the field, graduates preferential change and development philosophy; We are continuing our studies for the education of "generations who know the best of their enemies." Working as a Rector of a university that serves all humanity in the capital of tolerance and regards diversity as a wealth, we work tirelessly to tirelessly contribute to the goal of "Great Turkey".

I will give you respect and love with the wishes of the great Selçuk University the future of the future, at the national and international level.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa ŞAHİN