The issue of opening the first university in Konya has coming up with a draft law prepared by the Parliament in 1955, the bill was signed by more than half of the deputies but did not pass the National Education Commission in an unfortunate way.

In 1962, the first serious step was taken towards the possession of the university with the Selçuk Education Institute and the Higher Islamic Institute, which were opened in connection with M.E.B. in order to strengthen and develop this first step.

Selçuk University was finally established in 1975 and started education in the academic year of 1976-1977 with two faculties. Faculty of Science and Faculty of Literature, 7 departments, 327 students and 2 permanent lecturers. But until 1982 was not able to show any significant development.

The breakthrough year for Selçuk University was 1982. Selçuk University has significantly improved the state of a modern university by its physical structure, technological equipment and social-cultural facilities in recent years with rapid development of new campus. Selçuk University has reached 8 faculties, 4 vocational schools and 3 institutes.

The number of faculties in Selçuk University has increased to 24 by 2011 as a result of a rapid increase in physical, social, cultural and sports fields, especially in the scientific field until the end of 2000's. Today, Selcuk University has 21 faculties, 6 institutes, 6 colleges, 22 vocational schools and 1 state conservatory. It is among Turkey's largest educational institution with more than 70.000 students.