Selcuk University, which began its educational endeavors in 1975, is one of the leading higher education institutions of Turkey, within 21 faculty, 6 institute, 6 school, 22 vocational school, 1 state conservatory and 9.519 graduate, 26.178 two-year degree, 38.115 undergraduate, totally 73.812 students.

With a population of about 80 thousand people, including academic and administrative personnel and students, Selcuk University is, according to the figures released by the Turkish Statistics Institute, larger than 10 provincial centers and, according to the international publications data released by the Higher Education Council (HEC), ranks 8th.

According to 2013 Scopus data of Scimago Institute, one of the well known world universities ranking institutions, our university is ranked in the top 8 universities in our country and 678 in world's ranking.Selcuk University is among the first 3 % ofworld universities. 367th in thefield of “Environment and Agriculture” and 492nd in “Medicine”

In addition to campuses in 18 districts within the borders of the province of Konya, our University has a campus in the city centre of Konya which covers an area of 14.5 million square meters. EDUCATIONAL


1.032 foreign students from 86 countries, including France, Germany, Israel, Afghanistan, Thailand, Sweden and Norway, receive education at our university.

Konya Technopark of our university provides offices for rental to technology companies. Founded in late 2004, Konya Technopark is one of the fastest developing technoparks in Turkey with its more than 117 R&D companies, includes 27 incubation, 13 preincubation companies with 220 R&D employees. Tenant companies are provided with communication facilities, operational services, consulting on legal. Konya Technopark is one of the full members of IASP- International Assocation of Science Parks located in Spain and has a Technology Trasfer Office named Selcuk TTO.

Selcuk TTO is the sixth most successful technology transfer office in Turkey. Selcuk TTO provides technical, training, patenting, collaboration and entrepreneurship supports by 11 employees in the department of 5 moduls. The number of activities conducted by Selcuk TTO in 2013 can be listed as; 73 international activities, 42 training activities, 472 academic collaborations, 102 invention disclosure, 51 national patent application (total 118 patents between 2008-2013) and 11 international patent application.

In Selcuk University, researches and projects have been developing in the fields of medicine, engineering, agricultural, veterinary medicine, business and innovation. The Advanced Technology Research and Application Center that is one of our 31 Research and Application Centers ensures the coordination of scientific and technological researchdevelopment activities.

Coordination Office for Scientific Research Projects supports the researchers as dissertation projects and research projects. The processes of legal foundation of the units of Project Development and Management Application Research Center, Distance Education Application and Research Center and Technology Transfer Office have been completed.

A Dual Degree Program has been started with Montana State University in the USA in “Mechanical Engineering” and “Biochemistry” departments. With the inception of EU Research and Application Center, bilateral agreements were signed within the framework of Erasmus +. Farabi Student Exchange program was launched in 2009 to enable student mobility among universities within the country. Our university was given the “University with the Highest Student Mobility Award” in 2012.

With its Medical Faculty, Faculty of Dentistry and Veterinary Faculty, Selcuk University which has strong background in health education, serves importantly for region's and country's health.

Our Medical Faculty is one of the most important health center of our country. Faculty of Dentistry provides education in accordance with contemporary standards. In Veterinary Faculty, as well as education research in clinics, all kinds of consultation, diagnosis, treatment and operation services are provided. Veterinary Faculty has been approved by EAEVE (European Association of Establishment for Veterinary Education) since October 2009. ECOV Committee working under the EAEVE confirmed that education standards of Selcuk University Veterinary Faculty is in accordance with educational requirements of the EC Directive 2005/36, Article 38.

Selcuk University Central Library supports education facilities with several online database as well as extensive books, periodical publications, thesis, visual and audial materials, manuscripts, newspapers, music collections and CD archives.

BILMER (the computer center of our university) is Turkey's largest computer center with a fiber optic cable network of 100 km and can serve 2.000 students simultaneously.


Selcuk University has 81 student clubs ranging from fashion to chess, from social responsibility to drama and perform over 300 events annually. Turkey's leading artists, singers, actors and actresses and authors meet with our students within the scope of “Culture and Art Events” hosted annually by our Rectory and Faculties. About 100 thousand people attend these 5-day events.

Alaeddin Keykubat Campus is home to 19 May Torku Arena Sports Hall, which, with a capacity to hold 3.500 spectators, hosts various national and international activities. The 75th Year Sports Hall, where, with a capacity of 500 viewers, basketball, volleyball and handball competitions can be held. Moreover, our university has 3 sports halls, an Olympic stadium covering an area of 10.345 m2 with a capacity of 3.100 viewers, 2 astro pitches, 2 tennis courts and a 10.000 m2 Olympic Indoor Swimming Pool with a capacity of 1.000 viewers.


Selcuk University Ataturk Student Dormitories located in Alaeddin Keykubat Campus consists of 5 blocks. With a capacity to accommodate 2.160 students, these dormitories have rooms for one, two and four students. A low-priced cafeteria with a 1.680 m2 indoor area serves the students staying at our dormitories.

An Erasmus House was built at Selcuk University to meet the accommodation needs of foreign students who come to Selcuk University through various exchange and cooperation programs, notably Erasmus. This Erasmus House is the only one of its kind in Turkey. The building can accommodate 96 students in its 48 rooms.

Selcuk University does its best to provide its students with inexpensive, healthy and quality meals and serves a 4-course meal to 18.000 students at approximately 1 USD. Menus are prepared in collaboration with a dietitian taking the students' daily energy and nutritional needs into consideration.