1. How can my exchange application to Selçuk University be initiated?

In order to apply for any exchange (Erasmus or otherwise) program, first your department at your home university should have a bilateral agreement with a respective department at Selçuk University. Second, your home institution should nominate you and tell us about your nomination before the nomination deadline. Make sure that you have been nominated by your home institution before sending your application. Otherwise your application cannot be processed.

2.Should I send my application form via regular post, fax, or e-mail?

Applications are made online. 

3.Does Selcuk University provide financial aid to exchange students?


4.Is a home-stay arrangement offered through the University?


5.Do you offer Turkish Language Courses for exchange students?

For all Erasmus / Exchange students, University offers a Turkish Language Course free of charge during the semester.

6.What are my obligations and rights?

You have the same rights and obligations as the degree/ regular students during your exchange term at the Faculty.

6.Is attendance to the courses obligatory?

Yes, 70 % attendance is obligatory to pass a course and to be able to take the final exam.  The attendance requirement is not open to discussion

7.How should I send required documents?

 It is OK to send them via regular post, e-mail attachment or fax. Our e-mail address is: erasmus.incoming@selcuk.edu.tr

8.How do I choose my courses?

Please check the list of classes that are offered in the current semester.

9. When can I get my transcript upon completion of my semester?

3 weeks after the final exams, original version of the transcripts are sent to the international offices of your home institutions via traditional post and the scanned version is sent to the e-mail of the student.

10. Is there a pick-up service from the airport?

If you want to be picked up from the airport you have to contact the mentor student before your arrival.

11.  May I host visitors in my dormitory room?

Visitors are not allowed in dormitory room.

12.Should I have an International Health Insurance before coming?

You should have an International Health Insurance which covers Turkey

13.I have attended the Erasmus program for one semester. May I extend my stay for another term?

 A student who would like to extend his/her stay will have to first inform this to the Erasmus office via email, the Erasmus office will contact the International office asking for a new Letter of Acceptance. After the Letter of Acceptance arrives at our office (via scan and post) we prepare a new visa fee letter for the student.

The student will also have to prepare a new learning agreement

14.May I apply to the Erasmus program for a second time?

Students may apply for the Erasmus program for a second time, however applications after the first do not receive grants.