Our vision: Under the direction of a qualified academic staff, our undergraduate curriculum focuses on preparing students for life in the context of scientific thinking and cultural acquisition. Our fundamental objective is to be an academic institution that has national and international renown for its scientific knowledge and expertise, and that contributes to the growth of its country and scientific community by the knowledge it imparts and the broad perspective it offers.

Our mission: Our department's primary objective is to educate individuals with the skills needed in the modern world, including respect for national values, tolerance of personal value judgments, productivity, creativity, openness to innovation, and the ability to conduct research and provide practical solutions.

Objectives: During a five-year study period in the Department of French Language and Literature, our students learn to interpret, write and speak French fluently, as well as learn to recognize and comprehend French Language, Literature, Linguistics, History and Culture. Our program aims to educate students who are respectful to national values, sensitive to their environment, conscious, responsible, tolerant of personal value judgments, productive, able to produce practical solutions, able to change and improve their environment, have a critical perspective, and thus contribute to various academic institutions, research facilities and training centers.

Language of Program: French 

Presentation of Program: Selcuk University Faculty of Letters, Department of French Language and Literature started teaching in the 1977-1978 academic year within the Faculty of Letters. In the first years, lectures were conducted by Prof. Dr. Cemil GÖKER and Assoc. Dr. Atilla TOLUN (faculty members of The Ankara University Faculty of Language, History and Geography) and by Prof. Dr. Tuğrul İNAL (faculty member of Hacettepe University Faculty of Letters). Our department continued its education by forming its own staff in the following years. Currently there are three associate professors, one lecturer, and two research assistants in our academic team. Our department offers a one-year French preparatory course for  students who do not have a previous French background. Our department provides a total of five years of study, including the preparatory year. There are approximately two hundred students in our undergraduate program. The primary focus of the first two years of the undergraduate curriculum is French language instruction. Following is a detailed examination of the historical evolution of French literature, which holds a privileged position among world literatures, from the Middle Ages to the current day. Within the framework of the Double Major Program and Minor Program, our students may select courses from all other faculties of the university. At the postgraduate level, a programme to specialise students in French Literature is implemented, with interdisciplinary studies supporting the study.

Admission and Registration Conditions: It is published in detail in the About Selcuk University section under the title of Student Admission.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Recognition of previous education in Turkish Higher Education Institutions is carried out according to the regulation determined by the Council of Higher Education regarding vertical, lateral and inter-university transfers, transfers between associate and postgraduate degrees, and credit transfers between double major and minor programs. Apart from formal education institutions in Turkey, the process of recognition of non-formal and formal education based on certificates or experiments is still in its infancy. Therefore, the recognition of previous education has not been fully initiated.

Graduation Requirements: Successfully completing all of the courses available in the program (for a total of 240 ECTS) and having a grade point average of at least 2.00 out of 4.00 are the required qualification conditions for graduation.

Essentials of Assessment and Evaluation: The method of assessment and evaluation applied for each course is described in detail in the Course Teaching Plan.

Employment Opportunities: For graduates of French Language and Literature Department, in various public institutions (TRT, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of National Education, etc.), publishing houses, magazines, literature and culture magazines, newspapers, film studios and international organizations, Europe There are job opportunities in institutions and projects related to the Group. By improving their translation skills, graduates can work as translators and interpreters in fields with unique terminology such as medicine, architecture, economy, archeology, automotive and law. They can also work in the tourism industry. They can teach in public and private institutions by obtaining a formation certificate. Graduates of the department can continue their careers in the academic field (Master and Doctorate level) and continue their scientific studies in the field under the roof of the university.

Transition to Higher Degree Programs: Candidates who have successfully completed their undergraduate education can study in graduate programs in their field or related fields, provided that they get a valid grade from the ALES exam and have sufficient English and French language skills. 

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