Head of Department : Assoc. Dr. Nilüfer CANOZ

Erasmus Coordinator : Dr. Instructor Member Ahmet ATEŞ

Farabi Coordinator : Dr. Instructor Member Ahmet ATEŞ

Mevlana Coordinator : Dr. Instructor Member Ahmet ATEŞ

ECTS Coordinator: Assoc. Dr. Nilüfer CANOZ

Vision :

As the Aviation Management Department, our vision is to contribute scientifically to the civil aviation sector and the country's aviation; is to become a respected educational institution in the field with its education-teaching quality, research and projects, by training qualified personnel who research, think and question.

Mission :

To train individuals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills of the national and international civil aviation sector, who can shed light on the businesses operating in this sector, who can think creatively and who can improve themselves.


Our mission is to train qualified personnel equipped with current developments, who can take responsibility, who are qualified in management and administration, who can know and interpret the past and present of the industry at an academic level, at the level of a 4-year college, equipped with current developments in addition to basic aviation education, for the rapidly developing civil aviation sector in our country. For this purpose, it is aimed to educate our students as individuals who are creative, open to innovations, and can constantly improve themselves, by equipping them with aviation and business knowledge, keeping aviation-related safety and security at the forefront, following and applying technological applications.

Program Language :


Program Description:

Our Aviation Management department was established to meet the qualified personnel needs of the sector by combining both basic aviation and business education. In our department, in addition to aviation-related courses such as Air Transport, Aviation Rules, Aviation Safety and Security, Airline Management, Airport Activities and Equipment, Passenger and Ground Handling, such as Management and Organization, Business, Financial Management and Communication, which increase the general culture and improve human relations, The emphasis is on classes. Our department provides 4-year undergraduate education and has an optional internship.

Admission and Registration Conditions:

 Students who want to enroll in our program must have the right to register according to ÖSYM's central placement exam.

Recognition of Prior Learning:

According to the relevant articles of Selcuk University's Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulations, students who want to transfer from other undergraduate or associate degree programs are given the opportunity to transfer.

Graduation Requirements:

In order for students to graduate from our program, they must have taken and succeeded in all the courses of 240 ECTS in the program, have successfully completed their applications and internships, and have a graduation weighted grade point average of at least 2.00.

Measurement and Evaluation Principles:

In our program, students are evaluated by applying a midterm and a final exam in a semester. A student who receives AA, BA, BB, CB, CC grades from a course is deemed to have succeeded in that course. In order for a student who gets one of the DC, DD grades to be considered successful in these courses, the semester/year weighted grade point average must be at least 2.00. Evaluation of DC, DD grades is done after make-up exams.

Employment Opportunities:

Our graduates from the program will be able to find employment in all public and private institutions serving the aviation sector.

Transition to Higher Degree Programs:

 Students who successfully complete the program can apply for master's and doctorate degrees and pursue an academic career.

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