Güneysınır District

Güneysınır is a district of Konya Province. It is on the provincial border of Konya – Karaman. It is 75 km from Konya and 45 km from Karaman. away, 11 km west of the Konya-Karaman D-715 highway. The two settlements that make up the district center were the villages known as Karasinir and Elmasun during the Ottoman period. Records of both villages are found in the Accounting Book dated 1531 and the cadastral registers dated 1584. In addition, Elmasun is shown on various maps prepared by Western geographers in the 19th century, for example on the Asia Minor map of 1851 published by Tallis. While both villages were connected to Bozkır district during the republic period, they were connected to Çumra district in 1955.


With the Law No. 3644 on the Establishment of 130 Districts, on 09 May 1990, it was decided to abolish the legal personality of the Güneybağ and Karasınır Municipalities and to establish a single municipality with the name "Güneysinir", and to establish a district with the name of Güneysinder in Konya, with Güneysinder the center. Karasinir, Güneybağ and Emirhan became the districts of the district. The district center was formed with the relocation of the district administration buildings to the area at a common distance between Karasinir and Güneybağ Neighborhoods.


The fact that the remains of pottery, pottery, bricks and metalware made of ancient earth have emerged from the mound, which is known as "Gafur Tumulus" and "Güdelesin" among the people, and from some villages in the vicinity; indicates that the settled life in the district started in ancient times. In Bilge Umar's Historical Names in Turkey, the etymology of the name Elmasun is based on the Luwian language that dominated Central Anatolia before the Hittites.


The name of the district was determined as "GÜNEYSINIR" by combining the words "South" in Güneybağ and "Border" in Karasinir.


While there were 4 neighborhoods affiliated to the district, the number of neighborhoods increased to 18 due to the fact that there are neighborhoods in the villages and towns of the district with the metropolitan law numbered 6360.

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