2c.Recognition Document& Equivalence

You can check the website below for further information about recognition and equivalence:

What is Recognition?

It is the approval of the Higher Education Council that a foreign higher education institution and their programs are authorized to award academic degrees (associate degree, undergraduate and graduate).

What is Recognition Certificate of Higher Education Institute? ​

It is an official letter showing that a foreign higher education institution and their programs are authorized to award academic degrees by the Council of Higher Education.

How to Get a Recognition Certificate?

The Recognition Certificate requested for higher education institutions in countries other than the TRNC, the USA and the Netherlands can be obtained through the e-Government portal without paying any service fee. In order to obtain Recognition Certificate in TRNC, the USA and the Netherlands, the petition on the website needs to be filled out and the service fee should be paid and then it should be submitted in person or by mail to the Department of Recognition and Equivalency Services.

How to Use Recognition Service?

It can be used

  1. a) In order to determine whether the higher education institution they want to study abroad is accepted by Turkish Higher Education Council as authorized to award academic degrees,
  2. b) To use when transferring from higher education institutions abroad to higher education institutions in Turkey,
  3. c) To provide information to institutions and organizations such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Home Affairs, bar associations, governorships, universities, especially health payments depending on the request of the person who graduated from abroad,
  4. d) To apply to the Interuniversity Board (Üniversitelerarası Kurul) in order to receive a doctorate equivalency for PhD received from higher education institutions abroad,
  5. e) For using the foreigner’s diplomas in TRNC except from Turkey.

What is Equivalence?

It is the confirmation of the equivalence of Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degree diplomas taken from a foreign higher education institution which is recognized by Turkish Higher Education Council with Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degree diplomas taken from the higher education institutions in Turkey in terms of achievement corresponding to each educational level.

Who Provides Equivalence?

It is given by the Recognition and Equivalency Services Department on behalf of the Republic of Turkey Higher Education Council.

What is Diploma Equivalence Certificate?

This document refers to both academic and professional qualifications, facilitates access to the further academic studies and to the labor market. Access to postgraduate studies for the "health" programs at Turkish Higher Education Institutes is possible with this Certificate only.

What is Graduation Recognition Certificate?

 This document only refers to the academic qualification, including information on graduated HEIs, the program, and the HE degree.

What is the Difference between Diploma Equivalence Certificate and Graduation Recognition Certificate?

Both documents perform the same function and there is no difference in their validity.

What should be done first to apply for Diploma Equivalency Certificate or Graduation Equivalency Certificate?

You should check this website  and after preparing necessary documents, you should pre-apply.

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