Associate/ Undergraduate Registration

Incoming students are required to register during the international student registration dates announced by the faculty / colleges they are applying for. After the registration, the accepted student will be a Selcuk University student. Registrations for undergraduate and associate degree are carried out at the colleges/faculties they applied for. The candidate student must be in person. It is not possible to register via mail, e-mail or online. The following documents must be submitted by the student for registration to undergraduate and associate degree programs:

  • Original high school diploma
  • High school diploma equivalency certificate (This document means that the high school education completed in the student's country is at a level equivalent to the Turkish high school degree. This document can be obtained from Turkish foreign representatives or Provincial Directorates of National Education in Turkey.)
  • Student visa (If a notarized copy or original is brought, it is photocopied and approved by the registration unit.)
  • Passport (If a notarized copy or original is brought, it is photocopied and approved by the registration unit.)
  • Receipt of student tuition fee
  • 6 headshots
  • Foreign Language Proficiency Certificate, if any
  • Turkish Proficiency Certificate, if any
  • Turkish students but having the right to apply from the international student quota will need,
  • Turkish ID number or copy of ID,
  • Military status certificate from male candidate students,
  • Certified ID copy for those born abroad but later being Turkish citizen,
  • Transcript/ Graduation Certificate from Turkish but completing his secondary education abroad except from TRNC including those who have completed all of their secondary education (high school) in a Turkish school in a foreign country other than the TRNC.

Applications for Graduate Programs

Pre-Application Conditions and Documents

International students can apply for Master and PhD programs during teaching learning terms within the quota specified by the Graduate Schools of Selcuk University.

Students who will apply can use the link  for pre-application or contact the relevant institute. Applications made after the specified date will not be accepted. Applications will be evaluated by the relevant department and accepted within the quota. The names of the candidates who have been accepted as students and have the right for final registration will be announced on the web page of the Institutes on the specified dates.

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