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Nursing Programme

Nursing education at Selcuk University, which aims to be a world-class university, is preferred by students and its graduates are preferred, first started with the name of Konya Health School with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 10.10.1996 and numbered 96/8655. It was renamed as Faculty of Health Sciences on 05.02.2010. With the decision of the Council of Ministers on 14/05/2018, "Faculty of Nursing" was established within Selçuk University.

Nursing; It is a 4-year undergraduate program. The aim of this program is to provide the graduates with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors to protect and improve the health of the individual, family and society in line with the country's needs and contemporary approaches, and to meet the care needs in case of deterioration, by understanding the philosophy of nursing and the role of the nurse in the health care system.

Individuals who graduate from this program can work as manager and clinician nurses in all public and private health institutions, as school nurses in educational institutions, and as manager and institutional nurses in various institutions. Those who have received pedagogical formation training can teach in health vocational high schools. Candidates who successfully complete their undergraduate education can apply to graduate programs.

OSYM Score Type and Quota of the Program

As of 2021 YKS, students are accepted from the numerical score type in the conditions and explanations related to the Higher Education programs.


Selcuk University Faculty of Nursing is located in the Alaeddin Keykubat Campus of Selcuklu District in Konya City Center.

Program Entry Requirements

Male and female students are accepted with the score type determined by the Republic of Turkey Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM).

Language of the Program

Program Language is Turkish

Foreign Language Preparatory Class Application of the Program

There is no foreign language preparatory class in our faculty.

Education and Training Model of the Program

Education is given by face to face. The program is completed in 8 semesters and 4 years 

It is a program that trains nurses with a bachelor's degree. The program includes compulsory courses in basic medical sciences, nursing profession and general culture. In addition to the compulsory courses, there are elective courses in the education plans that offer students the chance to choose according to their own preferences.

Application and Internship Opportunities of the Program

One semester in the first year (Spring), 2.3. In both semesters (Fall and Spring) in the 4th and 4th grades, our students have the opportunity to make professional practice in hospitals, family health centers, public education centers and schools within the scope of professional practice.

Application Laboratories of the Program

Applied trainings; It is carried out in the laboratory environment and/or in the field (hospital, family health center, public education centers and schools) in the faculty accompanied by a lecturer. Cost of consumables, tools and equipment to be used in course applications; examination, materials and education and training services are covered by the university budget. No additional fees are charged from students, except for personal materials and equipment.

Clothing and Equipment Materials Required by the Profession

It is compulsory for the students to go to the field with the clothes and equipment required by the profession (uniform and equipment such as stethoscope, fetoscope, scale, etc. for the relevant course) in professional practices.

Accreditation Status of the Program

Our program is not accredited.

“Double Major” and “Minor” Opportunities

This program does not include a double major/minor/joint program.

“Erasmus Plus” Student and Internship Mobility

We have active agreements with Poland, Bulgaria and Estonia, and students who meet the conditions can go to these countries within the scope of education and internship mobility.

Scholarship and Dormitory Opportunities Provided to Program Students

Scholarships and food scholarships are given to needy students after the commission review by the department. State-owned and semi-private dormitories are offered to students on campus.

Opportunity to Work as a Part-Time Student

Students can work as part-time students in the library and other businesses on campus, if they wish.

Student Community of the Program

There is one student community at our faculty.

Transition Status of Program Students to Higher Degree Programs (Graduate Education)

Candidates who successfully complete their undergraduate education can apply to graduate programs by meeting the conditions.

Job Opportunities of the Profession

They can work as manager and clinician nurses in State, Private and University Hospitals. They can work in Family Health and Community Health Centers, They can work by opening private health cabinets, They can work as an academician in universities. They can work as a teacher in health vocational high schools.

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